Saturday, 14 April 2012

Revised cliffs

I've just tried to tweak the cliff tiles a bit for improved readability. To help get the perspective across I have added a layer of shading to the cliffs to darken them at their base, I have also added a very slim shadow (all there was room for) to help differentiate the different levels in the terrain.

What d'you think? any improvement?


  1. That actually does look better, but I took a closer look. The only one that really looks out of place is the "north" facing one (the upside down one). Both side facing caves look fine now that I think about it. And really, it's a very simple matter (for me) to not use any north facing caves. Just a map dev constraint really.

    And speaking of more cave tiles...heh heh...we need BIGGER caves! So you know what that means, right? You guessed it, you need to get back to work buddy. :P

    Seriously though, can you make an extra set of 3 tiles for each of the directions? Here goes some ascii art to demonstrate:

    /^\ = regular cave (south facing)

    The / and \ would be the sides, and the ^ would be the top. So we could extend the entrance to however big we wanted like this:

    /^^^\ = large cave (south facing)

    I'm sure you get the idea, and that would be really great.

    The shaded tiles DO look a lot better. The shadow along the bottom is sharp.

    Take care.

  2. They look good, but very hard to tell which is higher and which is lower in terms of elevation. As I look at it long enough and the depth flips back and forth.