Saturday, 30 March 2013

lo fidelity castro

Hey hey amigos,

Here is a something I did, trying my hand at some animation. I very much enjoyed the additional possibilities of describing form through motion. For example, the individual frames for the dog's running animation look like nothing, but some how it comes together and evokes dogishness when animated.

Anyway, this might turn into something. fingers crossed.

Monday, 18 March 2013

7DRL 2013

Hey Hey folks, back from the wilderness again!

Its been 7DRL time and once again I teamed up with my good pal Ido Yehieli. This year neither of us had a great deal of time on our hands, but we managed to bash out something presentable and playable - all praise to Ido's programming wizardry.


Fisticuffsmanship is a simple game about killing folk. We've tried a few different mechanics to make bumping in to people a little bit more interesting and strategic and to give fights a more dramatic flavour. Some of the mechanics worked out, some didn't. Ill try to do a little write up soon to chew the ideas over some more.

From a graphics perspective it was made using a custom font for programming convenience (I didn't make the splendid text font - that can be found here). It was pretty fun mucking around with Fontstruct and I think the end result has a certain charm. If your on a PC and you want to get a better look at things, hit 'Ctrl +' a few times to biggerfy everything. Once I've had a chance to rearrange it, I'll post the font I made up here for people to have a muck around with.

Anyway, have a go and see what you think.