Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Here are a small selection of clothes to go with the small items I have made. The top row consist of various peasant and warrior outfits, the second row are just a few slightly silly costumes. Can I get a 'hell yea!' for my red warrior bikini set?
I originally had trousers in the set and was considering making some gloves as well but have decided there isn't much point - Aside from being pretty dull to draw, Three armour slots seem to be sufficient for a player to customise their load out (would those plus 1 leather pants of the dragon really add that much?)

Anyway - at some point I still intend to make multi tile weapon and armour graphics - in which case the most generic of these items would be used to represent items of their kind in the play field. I guess it all depends on what kind of a game you want to make....


  1. That Wizard robe brings back memories of Hocus Pocus. Good job :)

  2. Sweet! Love that you are keeping updates coming with the tile set!

  3. I really like these! When is the next update coming - thinking of adding armor equipment :)

    1. I better get my skates on then, I need some armour and a better weapon because those mighty tiny lizards keep killing me :¬)

      I wasn't planning on releasing a new version for a while as I haven't added that much to the tileset, but I'll try to update the download this weekend as you have asked.