Thursday, 1 August 2013

He gets about for an old fella.

Here are a few more animations - it's rather satisfying making an image move, and then there is another thrill when you get to control that creation in game. Yes, fun stuff this game malarkey.


  1. Awesome stuff, man. Seriously, stop teasing us!


    So...are you just working on these things haphazardly? Or do you have some kind of systematic all-encompassing design pattern you are following? Heh.

    In other words, and referring to one of my comments below, are you planning on making a set of base anims for each character like standing idle, walking, running, falling down (dying), attacking, etc.?

    Or are you just having fun right now with the old man? :)

    Take care.

    1. Hey guy, This is for a game I'm making with a fella from Superchop Games -

      Were just having a bit of fun at the moment, but hopefully it will turn into a 'thing' eventually

      I don't thing the 8² tileset will ever be animated - there just isn't enough room to do a good job. maybe oneday I'll do a 12² set that could would be animated but I think id want to do something Sci-fi if I was starting over.

  2. Time for me to poke you in the butt. It's been TOO LONG! :P

    What's been going on? Let your avid fans know! Hopefully you're doing alright and have made tons of new tiles! :P

    Take care.