Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ready to download

Version 0.1 of the eight2empire tileset is ready to download, just click the tab at the top of the blog and bring it home!

At the moment only level and monster tiles are included but I'll be adding item tiles as soon as I can. Hopefully there is enough material to get you going and keep you entertained while I work on filling out the set. As always your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.


  1. Looking really nice! Good job!

  2. Thanks, Thomas! The lack of a Downloads button was bugging me a little bit.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I saw your thread on roguetemple and came to check it out. Looks great, I hope someone picks it up :)

  4. Came across this site from a post on and I have to see these are pretty ace looking graphics... keep up the good work!

    About the only negativity I have is that while I can imagine they'll work well on a mobile device, they may not fare so well on the huge resolutions you have an a PC. Unless we can turn the clock back to EGA ;)

  5. Thanks for the encouragement folks. You're right Richard, low res graphics like these can only work under magnification. in fact its more pronounced on mobile devises because of the higher dpi. one upside to this is that a game would have to draw the tiles at 300%+ for ordinary gameplay, you could zoom out to original scale without any re-sampling. Could be good for maps and such like.