Monday, 18 March 2013

7DRL 2013

Hey Hey folks, back from the wilderness again!

Its been 7DRL time and once again I teamed up with my good pal Ido Yehieli. This year neither of us had a great deal of time on our hands, but we managed to bash out something presentable and playable - all praise to Ido's programming wizardry.


Fisticuffsmanship is a simple game about killing folk. We've tried a few different mechanics to make bumping in to people a little bit more interesting and strategic and to give fights a more dramatic flavour. Some of the mechanics worked out, some didn't. Ill try to do a little write up soon to chew the ideas over some more.

From a graphics perspective it was made using a custom font for programming convenience (I didn't make the splendid text font - that can be found here). It was pretty fun mucking around with Fontstruct and I think the end result has a certain charm. If your on a PC and you want to get a better look at things, hit 'Ctrl +' a few times to biggerfy everything. Once I've had a chance to rearrange it, I'll post the font I made up here for people to have a muck around with.

Anyway, have a go and see what you think.

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