Saturday, 30 March 2013

lo fidelity castro

Hey hey amigos,

Here is a something I did, trying my hand at some animation. I very much enjoyed the additional possibilities of describing form through motion. For example, the individual frames for the dog's running animation look like nothing, but some how it comes together and evokes dogishness when animated.

Anyway, this might turn into something. fingers crossed.


  1. Lofi Fidel Castro in some madcap adventure?
    This is a game I want to play.

  2. Nice work as always!


    more updates to the eight2empire tileset please :)

  3. Thanks fellas,

    Yeah, I might get back to the tile set soon, any requests?

  4. Heck yea! About bloody time you got back to work, you slacker!


    Animations look simply amazing. Must have! :P

    As far as requests, yeah. All of the little people/animals you've already tiled...animated!

    That'll make up for the incredibly long time you've been AWOL from your tileset work.

    As far as animations you should probably brainstorm and come up with some kind of standard(s). Stand/Idle, Walk, Run for starters. Dying/falling down. Attacking. Defending. I would think those would be your minimum sets with anything extra = icing.

    Awesome to see you're back to work. Hopefully you can make this another really productive run. And hopefully I can get off *MY* ass and put together something that uses them soon. :)

    Take care and looking forward to more!