Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Last week I took part in the 7DRL challenge collaborating with Ido Yehieli of Cardinal Quest fame. It was my first time being directly involved in developing a game and I am immensely proud of the results.

Is a coffee break roguelike set in space - the player has to traverse an abandoned asteroid mine in search of monopoles to repair their ship, collecting ice crystals to power their equipment along the way.

For the competition we knew we needed a tightly focused gameplay mechanic and the hook we went with is a side-on game with gravity. To get around the player uses an anti-gravity belt, temporarily giving them free movement. Energy supplies are limited and your only chance to recharge equipment comes between levels so resource management is key to success.

After seven days I was feeling the strain, so my respect to all those who participated. I know Ido busted a gut to get a solid game in such a short space of time, but all the work he put in really shows in the quality of the finished article. The project was capped with original chip-tunes by John Cleary

Anyway, thats enough from me - go check it out.