Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hi Folks,

I'm going to do a couple of minor posts on things I have shown but haven't blogged in there own right.

First up is blood. Although I don't want to tempt people into making gore fests I've found the splashes of blood in Dweller are nice touch. They let you know where you've been and help you feel your making your mark on the environment.  A few additional uses that could be nice would be tracking wounded monsters through a dungeon, or as an aspect of magic - magic spells could have greater potency in areas were blood has been spilt, this could open up a few interesting stratagies.

Any way, here are the tiles - they are intended to be used sequentially - meaning that each column represents a pool of blood as it gets wider as a fight progresses. Of course that's not really necessary, you can just spray blood all over town if you like.

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