Friday, 18 November 2011



This blog is going to document my development of a set of LoFi graphic tiles for use in roguelikes and other such games. The idea is for it to be an open collaboration with anyone who wants to use them in non commercial games.

Each week I will post up some new graphics and spout off some thoughts on the design of my imagined game. If anyone feels like making my dream game for me, that's fantastic, if not, you're more than welcome to ignore my rambling and plunder the graphic assets for use in your existing projects.

The inspiration for this project came in part from the Oddball - Oryx tile set that came out of the tigsource  assembly competition and partially from a shareware Amiga game I played years and years ago as a little scamp. It was some kind of graphical roguelike that I sucked at and can now barely remember, but the blocky, vague graphics and micromanagement of equipment lodged itself in my imagination forever.

Like the Oddball/Oryx sprites I will be using 8 by 8 tiles. This should give the set a nice retro feel and force some creative choices, hopefully I will produce something that is visually distinct from what is already out there. I wont be using a strict colour palette - I know this would add to the retro look, but I really want to see how far I can take a block of 64 pixels and still squeeze a likeness out of them.

That will do for now, see you later.

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