Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Knights and Peasants

Here are some knights and peasants.
With the knights I have tried to expand the range of weaponry depicted, they are supposed to be carrying a flail, spear, hammer, mace, axe and sword. I'm still wondering if I should bother depicting every race with every conceivable weapon, or if that's over doing it. It's sort of nice having each race or enemy type armed thematically, like the bandits having clubs and knives, dwarves having axes and crossbows etc.

To round out the knights entourage I have included a minstrel and a few hobbit arms bearers. I am imagining the arms bearers to be somewhat like the imps in golden axe. All they would do is try to escape but the player would be tempted to give them a kicking in hope of a nice drop.

The peasants are intended to add some potential narrative, they could hand out small quests and give rewards in the form of information or food. Also, there needs to be someone for the bad guys to torment, otherwise what business would we have delving into their subterrainian lairs and messing up their shit?

Of this lot I am particularly happy with the minstrel and the old woman, I like his little lute and its good to have another female shape.

Next up - livestock and wild animals.

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